As I’d like to remain anonymous, I’ll go by the name Scar. I live in California and graduated high school in 2015. Since sixth grade, I have been struggling with mental health and have been determined unable to attend regular college or work by some doctors. Other doctors, like my therapist, believe I am capable.

I’m really interested in books and music. Generally, I listen to rock and metal. I read science fiction, fantasy, and romance novels.

My boyfriend (Starlight) and I have been dating together since September 5th, 2015. Starlight has been my best friend throughout my younger years and has seen me develop into who I am. Starlight and I plan to marry as soon as the circumstances become appropriate.

I’ve been seeing my therapist (Sass Master) since approximately since April in 2016. While I’ve known him long enough to trust him, I still struggle communicating with him. That therapeutic relationship needs a lot of work and trust, which I’m not sure will happen.

This blog contains posts about self-harm and suicide. I advise caution when reading. Not all posts have “trigger warnings.” I always warn about pictures but I do not feel the need to warn about content due to the nature of this blog.